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“The Tax Experts” on radio

Dave Ruch and Tim Neller of BRN are familiar to San Diego listeners as they regularly take to the airwaves to answer listeners’ questions on a wide range of personal and business tax issues.

BRN has become the go-to place to learn about the specifics of real estate, mortgage loans, refinancing, loan modifications, credit issues, and how to eliminate debt. “We pride ourselves in delivering common sense explanations on real-life situations,” they explain. “The goal is to help families and individuals one listener at a time. No topics are off limits.”

For years, Dave Ruch and Tim Neller have appeared on a range of weekly shows broadcasting throughout the San Diego area answering questions and providing advice on how to maximize your personal or corporate tax situation. Taking calls from listeners and drawing on their decades of experience, they deliver a no-nonsense approach to tax issues and how to prepare for your filing.

When radio hosts have looked to provide expert advice on the complex issues of personal state and federal income taxes, as well as business tax concerns, they have turned to the team that has the experience and expertise required for today’s sophisticated challenges.