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What to bring to your tax appointment

To ensure the appointment with your BRN Tax professional is as efficient as possible, please make sure you have gathered all necessary items and information needed to file your return. What you need to bring depends on your specific situation so please carefully review the list below.

Retired Clients: 

Amount and date paid for all estimated tax payments, 1099’s for social security and pensions, amounts paid for medical insurance and expenses.

Self-Employed Clients:

Amount and date paid for all estimated tax payments, summary of business income and expenses, 1099s received for business income, medical insurance paid, equipment purchased.

Clients Who Own A Home: 

1098s for interest paid on mortgage and property tax statements; escrow statements for homes purchased or sold, and refi escrow statements; summary of charitable contributions and DMV fees; receipts for non-cash contributions, i.e. Goodwill.

Clients Who Have Investment Income: 

Year-end statements for investment accounts; brokerage house 1099s; original purchase price and purchase date for any stocks sold, if not included on year-end statement.

Clients Who Have Small Children: 

Name, address, telephone number and social security number for each child care provider; amount paid to each child care provider, summarized by child.

Clients Who Have Children In College:

Detail of amounts paid for tuition, fees and books per child.